Insane Professional Basketball Pre-Game Rituals You Won’t Believe

pro basketball pregame rituals

Superstitions are as much a part of sports as are the wild crowds that fill its stadiums. Die-hard fans cling to their lucky towels. They eat specific things when their favorite teams are on a winning streak. They sit in the same place if the players are rallying. There is nothing worse for a fan than angering the sports gods, thus ruining any chance his or her team has of coming out on top. Continue reading “Insane Professional Basketball Pre-Game Rituals You Won’t Believe”

Which Shoulder Brace is Best for Your Injury?

Young man suffering from shoulder pain
Anyone who has spent a good chunk of his or her life dedicated to fitness can attest to the wear and tear that it puts on the body. Regardless of how impeccable one’s form is or how often they take precautionary measures to prevent injury, there is no avoiding at least some degree of damage. The shoulder is one of the many places that is commonly affected either through sports or general fitness.

Continue reading “Which Shoulder Brace is Best for Your Injury?”

The Evolution of HEX® Technology

As sports continue to get faster, and more aggressive, so has the need for tougher equipment and protection. If you’re a football or basketball player, you’ve seen first-hand the growing need for protective padding and may have wondered who was the original. Wonder no more, learn more about McDavid HEX, the first to pioneer what has become essential protective gear. Continue reading “The Evolution of HEX® Technology”