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​The Benefits of Wearing Basketball Knee Pads

​The Benefits of Wearing Basketball Knee Pads
By McDavidUSA 10 months ago

Have you ever collided with another basketball player on the court and banged up your knees? Ouch! A knee injury can turn a fun game of basketball into a horrible experience pretty quickly. If you’re like us, you hustle on every play. You dive for loose balls, take the contact and draw the foul and you’re always the first one back on defense. While this is a great way to play and become the most valuable player on the court, it’s also a great way to beat up your knees.

Wearing basketball knee pads is a great way to protect your knees against the harsh pounding they take on the court. Just look at professional basketball players like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. You will never see them play a game without their knee pads. Both of them play with a very high level of confidence and employ an attacking style, running plays very quickly and always driving towards the basket. Both Derrick and Russell know that they can count on their protective gear to help keep them safe on every play. So what benefits are basketball knee pads offering to the pros? Let’s dig a little deeper into why they are so helpful.

Protection from Collision

HEX TechnologyWhile there’s no way to completely prevent collision with other players on the basketball court, you can lessen the impact by wearing protective gear. A good pair of basketball knee pads will be designed with material that is resistant and insulates the wearer from a hard blow. Look for knee pads using HEX technology, which is superior, closed cell foam padding bonded to moisture-management fabric. HEX pads are made of hexagon-shaped smaller foam shapes. That way, the padding and fabric move with your body to maximize performance and comfort.

Your pads should be protective, but not too thick or bulky. Bulky pads may slow the wearer down or limit their range of motion. A slim but dense design is what you want to go for.

Players who take on a more physical role on the court should look into the Hex Tuf line. Hex Tuf provides the same great benefits of the Hex pads with an added layer of TEFLX, or polytetrafluoroethylene. The extra layer of protection really comes in handy when diving for loose balls on the court. TEFLX resists burning, shearing and sticking on hard surfaces while offering superior protection to your human surfaces.

Reduced Risk of Patellar Fracture

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that our knee joint is protected by the patella, but the patella itself is very vulnerable to fractures. Basketball knee pads help soften the impact on the wearer’s knees and can help prevent patellar fracture. The Bastyr Center for Natural Health reports that use of knee pads was associated with a 56% decrease in risk of a knee injury for high school athletes.

Increased Confidence After Injury

If you’ve ever taken a hard blow to the knees during a game of basketball, you probably don’t want to repeat that same experience again. Naturally, suffering an injury can make you play more cautiously after you return and cause plenty of anxiety. Ohio University’s athletic department states that the mind recovers after the body. The anxiety or fear of reinjuring yourself can alter your game by causing you to become hesitant. Players ridden with anxiety after a knee injury are more reluctant to jump for that rebound, take a charge or dive for a ball.

In most cases, you will end up sacrificing performance for safety. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two though. You should be able to give it your all and stay safe while doing it. Wearing basketball knee pads can help you get that confidence back, and let you focus on playing the game as opposed to just concentrating on making it off the court in one piece. With the right protective gear, you can get back to playing at pre-injury levels in no time.

Spend More Time on the Court

You love the game of basketball, and you love to work out. Guess what can prevent you from doing both of those? You guessed it–knee injuries. If you’re banged up and bruised, you will need more rest days. Your competition isn’t resting, so why should you? Basketball knee pads are a must for any athlete who wants to continue to perfect their game day in and day out.

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