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Injury Prevention

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​The Benefits of Wearing Basketball Knee Pads

By McDavidUSA 8 months ago

A knee injury can turn a basketball game into a horrible experience very quickly. Thankfully, wearing basketball knee pads can help prevent serious injury. Find out more here.

​Benefits of a Compression Knee Brace

By McDavidUSA 8 months ago

If you’ve ever been injured, you’re probably familiar with the R.I.C.E. protocol: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. It is generally accepted that compression plays a major role in recovery. Learn how compression sleeves can benefit your knees.

​Different Types of Knee Braces

By McDavidUSA 8 months ago

Check out our different types of knee braces, find the right one for you, and get back in action!

Tips for ACL Prevention and Maintenance

By McDavidUSA 9 months ago

There are many different ways to address an ACL injury and even more to keep from suffering one. Here are a few ways to keep your ACL healthy.

Back Strengthening Exercises Every Athlete Should Try

By McDavidUSA 9 months ago

The back is one of the most important and most ignored parts of the body. A strong back is essential to a healthy life and especially for athletes. Here are some exercises that will help athletes develop back strength.

3 Ways to Improve Ankle Support Without Hindering Performance

By McDavidUSA 10 months ago

Ankle support is a very important aspect of maintaining athletic performance. Here are a few ways to keep this joint healthy.

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