Back Strengthening Exercises Every Athlete Should Try

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When we do something as simple as look in the mirror, we instinctively focus on the parts of our body that we are able to see. We take the time to convince ourselves that our visible characteristics are the most important parts of our anatomy, or that they deserve the most attention. But what about your back? Without a healthy back, it becomes difficult to walk upright and can easily take away the simplicities of life. Continue reading “Back Strengthening Exercises Every Athlete Should Try”

The Evolution of HEX

Sports have drastically changed over the past few decades. While the rules haven’t differentiated much since their conception, the way that sports are played has become more technical, aggressive and precise. In particular, professional sports are seeing players achieve greatness unlike any other players before them. An athlete’s training and conception of the sport is largely to thank. Continue reading “The Evolution of HEX”

Important Facts About Hot and Cold Therapy Every Athlete Should Know

 If you are a successful athlete, or are striving to become one, you are fully aware of the value of preparation. If you want to gain an edge over your competition, it is often what you do before and after the game that makes the biggest difference. Preparing effectively makes the actual game that much more enjoyable, as you have already done the heavy lifting that will lead you to victory. One great way to prepare, both before and after you perform, is through hot and cold therapy. Continue reading “Important Facts About Hot and Cold Therapy Every Athlete Should Know”

Athlete Spotlight: Harrison Barnes

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Since being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 2012 draft, Harrison Barnes has solidified his status as one of the brightest young stars in today’s game. The Warriors were picking at #7 and decided to go with the 6’8” sophomore forward out of the University of North Carolina. A year later, he was chosen as a member of the All-Rookie First Team. Two years after that he was helping the Dubs hoist up their first championship trophy since 1975. Continue reading “Athlete Spotlight: Harrison Barnes”

3 Ways to Improve Ankle Support Without Hindering Performance

There are a select few areas of the body that every athlete worries about on a daily basis. These are the body parts that are the classic injury locations—ones that generations upon generations of players have had to deal with. From the brightest stars to the youngest beginners, certain body parts just always seem to be at risk. Continue reading “3 Ways to Improve Ankle Support Without Hindering Performance”

4 Resources to Look to in Order to Improve Your Performance

No matter if you are a professional athlete looking to take your game to an All-Star level, or a normal person trying to shave off a few pounds before beach season starts, we all want to improve our performance. Many say the one thing we truly own is our bodies. This is the “temple” we were given, and it is our duty to take as good care of it as we can. It is the vessel that we live our lives out of, making it our one true home as human beings. For these reasons, a little-boosted performance is attractive to all of us. Continue reading “4 Resources to Look to in Order to Improve Your Performance”