Ankle Sleeves

No athlete is immune against ankle injuries. A wrong step, sudden twist, collision with another player or even just overuse can result in a painful ankle injury. Athletes can help to speed up recovery time, prevent future injuries, and reduce pain and swelling with McDavid ankle sleeves.

Pain relief is provided to athletes thanks to the constant and consistent pressure the sleeve provides to the ankle. Applying constant pressure to the specific area of the lower leg helps to improve blood flow by encouraging the arteries to relax. Improved blood flow helps injuries heal faster and dramatically reduces muscle weakness or fatigue after workouts or competition. Our ankle sleeves are designed to apply consistent pressure without hindering or restricting your movement.

McDavid ankle sleeves can be worn as part of a plan for injury prevention. By stabilizing and supporting the ankle, our athletic sleeves prevent muscle weakness and ligament or joint instability which can result in painful injuries. No matter what sport you compete in, McDavid is sure to have an ankle sleeve to help with injury prevention or injury rehabilitation.

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