Ankle Wraps

Acute ankle injury affects millions of athletes and individuals every year. Whether you’re executing the perfect slide tackle on the soccer field or sprinting to score the winning touchdown, you need strong, flexible ankles. Rolling an ankle is every athlete’s nightmare, but injuries can and do happen. At McDavid, we’ve created ankle wraps designed specifically for support and relief.

We have three levels: Level 1 that’s ideal for minor injuries and inflammation, Level 2 to help stabilize ligaments for a more advanced support, and Level 3 for maximum ankle support and targeted compression. Select the ankle wrap that best suits your needs and discover McDavid products that fit great, are easy on and off, and that help to promote healing to potentially shorten recovery time.

Ankle wraps from McDavid feature quality construction and stitching, fit left or right and are adjustable for comfort and size.

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