Calf/Shin Sleeves

With McDavid calf/shin sleeves, you can train, play and stay active with confidence. Our durable and flexible calf/shin sleeves help you avoid painful abrasions, improve leg circulation or recover after an injury.

We carry a variety of calf/shin sleeves that offer multiple levels of protection and support. Depending on your activity level, sport and needs, McDavid calf/shin sleeves are designed to improve the efficiency of your workouts, prevent injuries and prompt a faster muscle recovery after your games. Sleeves with compression technology also help to reduce inflammation, limit fatigue and assist in the healing and recovery process if you suffer from calf strains, shin splints or varicose veins.

To support your active lifestyle, McDavid calf/shin sleeves fit over your right or left calf and shin, support your mobility and improve all-day comfort. The strong seams and durable construction give you added confidence. As you train and play, rely on versatile McDavid calf/shin sleeves.

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