Compression Pants

While training, playing and recovering, your legs require special attention. Use McDavid compression pants to take care of your legs so they support you on and off the field.

We design our compression pants for athletes like you. They absorb force, which helps to reduce strains, inflammation, and sprains as you run, jump and play. The targeted compression technology improves your circulation and blood flow to your glutes, thighs, and calves, too, giving you greater power and energy. During recovery, compression pants relieve fatigue in preparation for your next athletic event.

Made from durable material, our compression pants feature strong seams and protect your legs from abrasions. While strong, the fabric also bends, moves and stretches with you to enhance your mobility and flexibility. You’ll remain comfortable, cool and dry thanks to moisture wicking technology. With confidence, choose McDavid compression pants as you support your legs and your athletic success.

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