Compression Socks/Sleeves

Feet take a pounding when you’re an athlete. Keep your feet and calves supported with McDavid compression socks and sleeves. At McDavid, our compression socks/sleeves are designed to reduce swelling, help manage pain, and support your feet during and post-workout as well as throughout practices, games, and after a long run.

We offer three styles of compression socks to fit the needs of all athletes, each with traction design for better grip and stability. Runner compression socks/sleeves help increase circulation and performance, while our rebound compression socks/sleeves can speed up recovery. Compression socks/sleeve may protect from abrasions and turf burn as well. Our Elite compression socks are designed to encourage increased circulation during play and have enhanced ankle support for additional protection.

Take your game to the next level with McDavid compression socks and sleeves, designed to support, enhance, and never compromise your comfort.

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