Ice and Heat Therapy for The Knee

At McDavid, we know you want to train harder and compete longer. When a knee injury throws you off your game, it’s time for targeted treatment to relieve pain, swelling, and help facilitate a faster recovery. Knee cold therapy has many benefits and our True Ice™ Therapy Knee Wrap has been designed for support and relief.

Whether you’re suffering from a strain, pull, sprain, impact injury, arthritis, or recovering from ACL or MCL surgery, our cold therapy knee wrap can supply much-needed relief while providing compression and support. Cold therapy helps to not only lessen aches and pain, but it works to reduce swelling. It's important to reduce swelling as it limits the range of motion and can cause additional pain.

Our McDavid True Ice™ Therapy Knee Wrap fits left or right, has two individual reservoirs for ice or cold water, and durable straps to customize fit.

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