Knee Supports

Most athletes want to get back into the game as quickly as possible after a serious knee injury. McDavid is there to help athletes get back onto the field or on the court after being sidelined from an injury. By incorporating our knee supports into your daily training routine, you can get you back into action without aggravating an existing injury or putting yourself at risk for future injuries.

Our products are available in various levels of support to help athletes through every stage of the injury rehabilitation process. Double hinged knee braces offer the most support and are ideal for helping athletes heal after surgery. Providing maximum support and stability, these supports keep the knee in proper alignment when it bends which speeds up healing and prevents future injuries.

Athletes ready to return to their chosen sport will find mild and moderate knee supports helpful. Depending upon the style selected, mild and moderate knee supports can help by reducing swelling and inflammation, improving blood flow, reducing muscle fatigue, and properly aligning and stabilizing the kneecap, ligaments, and muscles. All of this helps athletes resume their active lifestyle without further injuring their knee. Find the support you need to return to competing by browsing our vast selection of knee supports.

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