Thigh Sleeve and Wraps

Thigh sleeves and wraps help provide hamstring muscles with support when playing sports like basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and football. Runners benefit from a quality thigh sleeve or wrap as well, keeping those large muscles warm for better blood circulation. McDavid sleeves and wraps designed for the thigh combine essential support with long-lasting comfort.

With Level 1 protection, McDavid thigh sleeves and wraps offer mild compression for soft tissue support without any uncomfortable heat retention. Athletes of all ages and levels will love that they’re easy to pull-on and fit either left or right. At McDavid, we know you never want to worry about skin irritations from materials like latex, which is why we feature thigh sleeves and wrap with latex-free neoprene.

McDavid slip-on sleeves and adjustable wraps are the protection and support an athlete’s thigh needs at any level of competitive play.

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