Thigh & Groin - Support & Protection

Athletes depend on their legs in virtually every sport. From running to jumping, cutting, changing levels or changing directions - the muscles and ligaments in your thigh and groin are bound to take a beating. While a minor level fatigue and inflammation are to be expected, too much can impede your progress. We understand that your long-term performance depends upon the health of these muscle groups. For this reason, we researched, designed and produced both compression and padded shorts to offer athletes thigh and groin support for any activity.

Our HEX®-padded shorts offer athletes lightweight, yet durable, 9mm padding that protects high-contact areas of the thighs and groin, aiming to reduce the effects of impact from hits or falls. Our singular thigh wraps offer both ligament and musculature stability through targeted compression, helping to reduce pain while aiding recovery. Similarly, our girdles and compression shorts provide all-around compression while ensuring that the critical areas are protected.

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