Waist Trimmers

Support your back and core as you bend, move and play with McDavid waist trimmers. Designed for men and women, waist trimmers offer cushioning and compression that stabilizes and strengthens your body.

Use waist trimmers to support your lower back and abdominal muscles during the game or in training and recovery. Heat from compression and the latex-free neoprene inner layer helps to protect your soft tissue and relieve pain, inflammation, and fatigue. These features may assist your weight loss efforts, too.

Our waist trimmers contour to your body and feature a minimal, low profile design that’s easy to conceal under your clothing. The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a custom, comfortable fit. The durable yet flexible material also guarantees secure positioning that won’t slip out of place and gives you confidence as you train or play. Enhance your athletic performance before, during and after the game with McDavid waist trimmers.

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