Ice and Heat Therapy for The Elbow

Playing tennis, golf, or other exercises involving your elbow can be strenuous on your joints. Elbow pain is common among sports requiring repetitive use of the arm. If you have joint or elbow pain and you want to find fast relief, cold therapy for the elbow is a solution. We understand the value of cold therapy for elbow pain here at McDavid and offer an extensive line of cold therapy products.

Inflammation in the tissue causes swelling of the surrounding nerve endings, and as a result, you experience pain in the joints of your elbow. Using cold therapy can help reduce the inflammation and gives the surrounding tissue and nerves a rest.

McDavid cold therapy products are easy to fill and designed to offer compression. The goal is to reduce the inflammation and swelling located in your joint. Elbow cold therapy by McDavid speeds up recovery and provides immediate pain relief.

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