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Contact sports can be brutal on the forearms. If you’re a lineman, your forearms are literally the first line of defense and they take a beating on every play. Sure, all that bruising and abrasions on your forearms may not seem like a big deal during the game or practice, but they will hurt later on! Athletes should take further precautions to reduce inflammation and pain among these extremities. Leveraging our research and experience with forearm injuries, we created forearm protection that can be used by athletes participating in contact sports.

We offer three levels of forearm support, each dependent upon the type of protection an athlete needs: Rival™ padding offers superior high-density foam protection against collisions; HEX® padding provides the industry leading 9mm lugs that protect against the worst collisions, while also offering moisture-wicking material to keep the skin cool; and the HEX skin roll offers a simple-to-use 4mm protective adhesive that can be applied directly to the skin to protect the body. Don’t take an unnecessary beating to the forearms, try our padded sleeves and feel the difference today.

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