Shoulder Wraps

Athletes and active individuals of all ages and levels require a full range of motion for optimum joint health. When that motion deteriorates due to injury, tendonitis, or other factors, your training, competition, and lifestyle are affected. At McDavid, we understand your need for the right products to protect joint health and help shorten the length of recovery time.

McDavid shoulder wraps and supports are designed to help inflamed or injured joints while providing stability, compression, and thermal therapy. We offer a variety of styles to suit your needs, including Level 1 support protection and Level 2 advanced protection. Our shoulder wraps feature latex-free neoprene and hook/loop closures for custom fit and comfort. Straps are easy to adjust, allowing for limited range-of-motion to help speed recovery.

Stop straining your joints, opt for McDavid shoulder wraps for support and relief to help you continue competing at your peak.

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