Lower Back Pain Braces & Supports

The sudden, repetitive motions athletes go through on a day-by-day basis put them at risk for developing lower back pain. If you find yourself struggling with back pain caused by a pulled or strained muscle or a herniated disk, look no further than McDavid. Our back stabilizers and waist trimmers can help safely and effectively relieve your pain.

Limiting mobilization is often an effective way to relieve lower back pain. Limiting mobility helps relieve pain by reducing pressure on the spine, increasing blood flow to the injured back muscles, and stabilizing muscles so they have a chance to heal. Each of our back stabilizers has strategically placed steel strays that comfortably support the back and spine while placing the necessary limitations on mobility and movement you need to properly heal.

Athletes can stop lower back pain from turning into a chronic problem with thermal or compression therapy. That is why we made our back stabilizers and waist trimmers using latex-free neoprene. This material helps relieve your pain by providing warmth, compression, and support to the back and core muscles. Find relief for your lower back pain by giving our back stabilizers and trimmers a try.

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