Sciatica Recovery Braces & Supports

More than three million cases of sciatica are reported in the United States every year. When the sciatic nerve radiates pain through your lower back and into the hips, buttocks, and legs, it becomes extremely difficult to focus on your game and perform at top level. Fortunately, McDavid offers several back/waist supports, wraps, and stabilizers to help with common sciatica.

Any athlete that performs repetitive twisting movements with their back or routinely lifts/carries heavy loads is at risk for sciatica. If the condition does develop, a back wrap can help to relieve pain and provide the necessary support to keep the muscles and soft tissue stabilized. Because regular exercise is essential to keep the back strong, it must be supported and a back wrap often is the solution.

McDavid back supports, wraps, and stabilizers for sciatica are easy on and off, lightweight, and comfortable when wearing for long periods.

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