Hyperextended Elbow Braces & Wraps

Wearing a McDavid elbow brace or wrap allows you to compete in confidence knowing you have taken precautionary measures to prevent hyperextension. By increasing stabilization and support, our braces and wraps actively work protect the ligaments by preventing your elbow from hyperextending or bending the wrong way.

Should you experience ligament or structure damage from elbow hyperextension, compression and ice therapy can be used to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation. Some of our elbow wraps apply both concentrated, supportive compression therapy and ice therapy to the affected area. Combining both compression and ice therapy into a single elbow wrap helps to speed up recovery time while providing pain relief.

Adjustable straps on our elbow wraps give you full control over fit. Simply readjust the straps to improve your range of motion or apply more pressure to an area. Whether you are trying to prevent a future elbow hyperextension injury or rehabilitate a current injury, we are sure to have an elbow brace or wrap that will help.

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