Elbow Tendonitis Braces, Supports & Wraps

Elbow tendonitis, also known as tennis or golfer’s elbow, can affect athletes in almost every sport. The condition occurs when your elbow tendons suffer tears or become inflamed or irritated from overuse, repetition or overload as you throw, hit or lift. Extremely uncomfortable, the pain can keep you from participating in your favorite sport and daily activities.

You might experience elbow tendonitis pain for several weeks, which is why you may need a McDavid supportive elbow brace or sleeve. It helps to protect your arm as you heal. With compression and other beneficial support, your arm can be restored to full mobility, strength and function.

At McDavid, we want you to return to your favorite sport as soon as possible, which is why we carry a variety of elbow supports. Our products are designed to keep your arm stabilized after an elbow tendonitis diagnosis and allow you to return to your game quickly.

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