Achilles Tendon Braces

Those long hours spent working out in the gym, training for the big game or competing can take its toll on the body and can lead to Achilles tendonitis. A result of inflammation and irritation of the Achilles tendon, this injury can cause radiating pain that is felt from the heel all the way through the calf muscle. Athletes turn to McDavid to help them remain active when pain from Achilles tendonitis strikes.

By wearing one of our foot/ankle sleeves, athletes can resume their training or compete without fear of experiencing sudden pain as a result of Achilles tendonitis. Our compression sleeves also help increase blood flow to the injured area which speeds up recovery time.

Athletes competing in sports that place a lot of pressure on the heels, such as running, basketball, and soccer, can actively work to prevent Achilles tendonitis. The increased blood flow that occurs when wearing a compression sleeve is essential to injury prevention. Increased blood flow helps to prevent Achilles tendonitis by improving athletic performance, preventing fatigue, and reducing vibrations to the calf muscles. Whether you are looking for help rehabilitating a current injury or trying to prevent a future one, McDavid has a foot and ankle sleeve that is sure to help.

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