Foot & Ankle Support Braces

The foot and ankle are the supporting foundation for any athlete. Injuring one or both of these body parts prevents you from giving it your all in games or while practicing. McDavid is prepared to get you back to performing at the top of your game after a sudden ankle or foot injury.

By providing ample support, our ankle and foot braces, wraps, and sleeves stabilize weak joints, muscles, and ligaments. Stabilization is necessary to help prevent future injuries and minimize damage experienced due to a current injury. Stabilization also helps get you back onto the field or court faster by speeding up healing time.

We offer products in three different protection levels so every foot and ankle injury from sprains and strains to tendonitis and major joint instabilities can be treated. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the tightness, compression level, and fit of our foot and ankle braces, sleeves and wraps to meet your needs. Browse our collection of braces, wraps, and sleeves and we are certain you will find exactly what you need to rehabilitate or prevent a foot or ankle injury.

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