ACL Knee Braces & Supports

If you’ve torn your ACL, you’re six times more likely to reinjure yourself within the next two years compared to someone who’s never had an ACL injury. Even worse? The risk of ACL injury to your opposite knee also spikes. Due to the threat of reinjury, many athletes with ACL injuries opt out of playing again. But you don’t have to stop doing what you love to stay injury-free. Whether you’re in healing, prevention, or protection mode, McDavid has you covered -- from the ski slopes to the football field to the volleyball court and everywhere in between.

McDavid’s comprehensive line of ACL knee braces, sleeves and wraps offer versatile and targeted knee support. They’re also designed with advanced features that work as hard as you do, including flex-fit knee pad protection, added compression, True Ice™ Therapy, and much more.

Your ACL injury may have you down, but you’re never out of the game with McDavid.

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