Baker's Cyst Knee Braces

Athletes across many different sports suffer from knee problems and pain. The baker’s cyst/popliteal cyst may develop as a result of a meniscus tear or from the onset of arthritis. The fluid-filled cyst behind the knee often causes an uncomfortable tight feeling and pain. At McDavid, we feature multiple knee care products ideal for anyone dealing with a baker’s cyst.

McDavid knee sleeves slip on easy and provide Level 1 protection, while our knee support with stays has Level 2 support with an open patella and an exterior layer of nylon for extra durability. Look to a Level 3 items such as a knee brace with bilateral dual hinges and a gel buttress for extra comfort. The True Ice™ therapy knee wrap offers comfort post-game or workout, perfect for speeding up recovery time.

Knee sleeves, supports, wraps, and braces from McDavid can help provide stabilization and compression for athletes suffering or recovering from a baker’s cyst.

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