Bursitis Knee Braces & Supports

At McDavid, we don’t want knee bursitis to sideline you from your favorite sports and activities. Knee bursitis, inflammation of the bursa or fluid-filled sac near the knee joint, can hit any athlete. It’s common in sports where athletes experience direct blows to the knee or falls to the knees, in particular, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, and football. Runners, skiers, and skaters may also suffer from knee bursitis.

When the pain of bursitis hits, trust McDavid products to get you back to what you love doing. Knee pads can help prevent the development of bursitis, while knee sleeves offer support and relief from the pain and inflammation. McDavid products like our knee sleeves and pads are easy to slip on and provide supreme comfort plus the support you need. Take care of your knee bursitis by following doctor’s orders and relying on the right equipment for safety and protection.

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