Chondromalacia Knee Braces & Supports

Constant, repetitive stress placed on the knees due to competing or training for a sports event can lead to the development of chondromalacia. If you suffer from this painful knee injury, McDavid has a brace or support that will help relieve your pain and even prevent future injuries.

Chondromalacia often happens as a result of the patella not tracking properly. Our knee braces and supports can be worn to help correct patella tracking. When wearing our braces, the kneecap is kept centered. Centering the kneecap allows you to comfortably move without experiencing injury-causing friction to the joints or cartilage. Our braces, supports, wraps, and straps are also designed to reduce inflammation in the muscles that surround the knee, dramatically reduce pain, and speed up the healing process by improving circulation.

McDavid knee braces, supports, and wraps can be worn as you rest and recuperate after an injury or help you remain active without further injuring yourself or aggravating an old chondromalacia injury. When it comes to a chondromalacia injury athletes know that McDavid will help get them to get back into the game as quickly as possible.

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