Hyperextended Knee Braces & Supports

Hyperextension of the knee is an extremely painful injury that can leave athletes unable to take part in sports activities for weeks as they recover. Avoid facing the possibility of finding yourself sidelined by using McDavid knee braces and compression sleeves to proactively prevent a hyperextended knee injury.

The two side hinges on our maximum support braces allow you to stabilize your knee by giving you full control over how far your knee bends and straightens. These side hinges also provide additional support that will prevent your knee from twisting or buckling sideways. Adjustable straps allow you to personalize the fit of our braces to accommodate any fluctuations in size that may occur as a result of swelling. Wear one of our compression sleeves underneath your brace to not only enhance your comfort but to receive additional support that will help prevent hyperextended knee injuries.

Our knee braces can protect both the left or right knee and be worn during contact or non-contact sports activities. Strap one of our knee braces or slip on our compression sleeve and continue to stay active without fear of experiencing a hyperextended knee injury.

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