Patellar Tendonitis Braces

The patellar tendon is located at the bottom of the kneecap to connect the patella and the tibia. If you have suffered from a patellar tendon rupture or tear, then you want to provide your knee with superior support. Athletes often suffer from patellar tendonitis aka jumper's knee, which is a repetitive use syndrome caused by frequent kicking, jumping, or running.

This is where McDavid patellar tendon knee supports, straps, and wraps rocks. Using the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, our designers have created the ideal product for compression. Our line of knee supports, straps, and wraps for the patella tendon are made for supporting unstable ligaments and swollen sprains in recovery. Experience all-natural pain relief from chronic knee pain and joint conditions including patellar tendinitis also known as Sinding-Larsen-Johansson disease.

When playing sports like basketball, football, or tennis where you are putting a lot of strain on your knees, choose McDavid patellar tendon supportive wear.

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