PCL Knee

Football, soccer, and lacrosse players typically are at higher risk for PCL or posterior cruciate ligament injury, although it can affect any athlete. This type of knee injury can sideline a player with symptoms that include swelling, mild to moderate pain, difficulty walking, and leg instability. At McDavid, we’ve designed a variety of knee braces and supports that help to relieve pain and offer stability when suffering from a PCL injury.

Our selection of knee braces and wraps include open patella options, elastic cross straps for enhanced protection, and reinforced steel stays for durability. Choose from three levels of protection/support. Level 1 suits minor injuries and inflammation, Level 2 provides ligament stabilization for more advanced support, and Level 3 is the maximum knee support for a PCL injury or other knee condition.

For PCL injury treatment and recovery, look to McDavid knee braces, supports, and wraps.

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