Calf Strain Sleeves, Wraps & Braces

A slight tear in the muscles of your calf, an injury known as a calf strain, can leave you sitting on the sidelines watching others in action. Get back into the game with the help of McDavid calf strain compression sleeves.

Athletes competing in a wide range of sports trust McDavid compression sleeves to help provide therapeutic relief for mild, moderate, and severe calf strains. By combining compression therapy with soft tissue support, compression sleeves can relieve any pain, swelling, muscle fatigue, and muscle soreness caused by a calf strain. Compression therapy helps to increases blood flow to the calf muscles. Increased blood flow can speed up the healing process in torn calf strain muscles.

After your calf strain has fully healed, compression sleeves can be used for injury prevention. The tightness of the calf compression sleeve will increase blood flow to the calf muscle which reduces muscle fatigue. Reducing muscle fatigue decreases your risk of injury by helping your body recover faster after a workout, while training, or during competition. Change the way you approach prevention and rehabilitation of a calf strain injury by giving our supportive compression sleeves a try.

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