Shoulder Arthritis Support Braces

Repetitive motions and overuse from long practices and intense games can lead to shoulder arthritis. Athletes suffering from muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility caused by shoulder arthritis know they can trust McDavid wraps, braces, and supports to help them.

Caused by stress to the bones, tendons, muscles, and cartilage, shoulder arthritis can dramatically impact your athletic performance. The stiffness and pain you experience can limit your range of motion and decrease your flexibility. Our easy-to-wear shoulder wraps help improve on-field or on-court performance for those suffering from shoulder arthritis by providing safe, effective pain relief.

Off the court or field, our shoulder wraps and supports aid in the rehabilitation of injured muscles. Use of specialized latex-free neoprene material, which both supports and provides thermal/compression therapy, helps rehabilitate pulled or strained muscles or tendons. Adjustable hook and loop closures allow athletes to customize the amount of direct compression that is applied directly to the shoulder. Trust McDavid to help you find relief from your shoulder arthritis pain.

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