Shoulder Instability Treatment Braces

Shoulder instability affects athletes from a range of sports, from football to wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. At McDavid, we understand you need a full range of motion to keep training and competing. That’s why it’s essential to rely on quality products for shoulder support and protection.

When the shoulder joint is compromised by a pull, sprain, tendonitis, or other injuries, it’s important to keep it supported when active and when resting to facilitate healing. Our McDavid shoulder wraps and supports are designed to help with instability using compression, ice therapy, and limited mobility. Straps on McDavid shoulder wraps are adjustable for a more customized fit, plus the lightweight designs make it comfortable to wear for longer periods.

McDavid shoulder wraps and supports combine high-tech materials with a customized fit to give you the strength, support, and relief needed for shoulder instability.

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