Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Braces & Supports

Practicing or competing in a sport that requires you to hold or grasp an object for prolonged periods of time, keep your wrist in a bent position, or engage in repetitive motions puts you at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. If you develop carpal tunnel syndrome, McDavid wrist braces and sleeves will keep you active by reducing painful symptoms and promoting injury rehabilitation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when athletes put extreme, repetitive pressure on their wrists. The pressure causes the median nerve to become irritated and inflamed. This results in sudden weakness, pain, limited mobility, numbness, and tingling sensation in the hands and fingers. Our wrist braces and sleeves are designed to stabilize and support the wrist so the pressure is taken off the median nerve and you can properly heal. Stop suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome pain by trying our wrist braces and sleeves.

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