Sprained Wrist Braces & Wraps

A fall to the ground, wrong or sudden movement, or collision can place an athlete on the injury reserve list due to a wrist sprain. If you find yourself in this type of position, use McDavid braces and sleeves to help speed up the injury rehabilitation process so you can get back onto the field or court.

Wrist sprains are caused by the sudden tearing or excessive stretching of the ligaments. Athletes who compete in tennis, basketball, baseball, football, gymnastics, and volleyball have a high risk of experiencing this type of injury. By stabilizing and supporting the entire wrist, our braces and sleeves allow athletes to return to action without further damaging, stretching, or tearing the injured ligaments.

Pain, swelling, and tenderness are common symptoms of wrist sprains. Our therapeutic wrist wraps and braces provide even support and compression to both sides of the wrists. This helps reduce swelling, promotes healing with increased blood flow, and prevents future damage due to ligament instability. Let McDavid aid with the rehabilitation of your sprained wrist and you'll be game-ready in no time.

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