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Injuries are a fact of life for athletes. But being out of the game doesn’t have to be. At McDavid, we’re committed to getting you back in the game as soon as possible thanks to our innovative line of premium sports protection and performance apparel for athletes. Whether you’re dealing with a knee injury, elbow injury, wrist injury, shoulder injury, back/waist injury, leg injury or other sports injury, we’ve got a solution aimed at helping you feel better, heal faster, and hit harder.

McDavid's comprehensive line of ankle braces, knee sleeves, arm sleeves, and knee, elbow and shin pads are designed with a breadth and depth of cutting-edge technology, including HEX®, TEFLX®, compression, cold recovery, True Ice™, and much more.

Pains, sprains, strains, and swelling are part of the journey, and McDavid is with you every step of the way. Shop by injury today to find the right prevention and protection product for your unique needs.

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