HEX® Arm Sleeves

Athletes need to be confident in the protective gear they wear when they take to the field or court to compete. If you are looking for protective gear for your arms and elbows there is only one name you can trust. That name is McDavid.

From the minute they step onto the field to the moment they walk off the field, athletes trust our hex padded arm sleeves to protect them when they need it most. Our padded arm sleeves are specifically designed for athletes that are competing or training in high-contact or high-collision sports.

Lined with high-quality, durable, closed cell foam padding, our arm sleeves will prevent injuries should athletes fall or collide while competing. The closed cell foam padding is extremely lightweight and flexible. This allows athletes to wear our arm sleeves and not have to worry about them restricting their movements. Browse our selection of hex padded arm sleeves and confidently take to the field or court knowing you are protected from potential injuries.

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