HEX® Leg & Knee Sleeves

Looking for the ultimate in leg protection? Look no further than HEX® Padded Leg Sleeves from protective apparel icon McDavid.

There’s a reason why McDavid leg sleeves are a must-have for so many professional, college and amateur athletes. Designed to hold up to even the fiercest environments, HEX Padded Leg Sleeves boast masterful design and mindful features, including McDavid’s legendary HEX Technology. What makes HEX Technology such a standout in a crowded field of competitors? For starters, there’s its superior closed cell foam padding. McDavid’s cutting-edge hDc™ moisture management fabric and extended length for added protection make HEX Padded Leg Sleeves as durable as they are dominant. No time for hand washing? No worries. Just pop HEX Padded Leg Sleeves in your washer and dryer and they’re good to go.

When it comes to high-performance protective apparel, McDavid’s HEX Padded Leg Sleeves are the hands-down winner.

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