Protective Hex Shirts

Protect your spine, ribs, and shoulders on the field or court with McDavid HEX® padded shirts. We provide several styles of HEX padded shirts that are designed for mobility and durability. Choose the right one for your needs, and gain confidence as you play.

Each padded shirt provides invaluable protection and support you’ll appreciate during and after the game. Made from athletic foam, the pads contour to your body and give you an anatomically correct fit. Compression reduces muscle pulls and fatigue.

Because you must remain flexible and mobile as you play, we use a lightweight fabric. It bends, stretches and moves with you yet is durable enough to withstand repeated washes, contact on the court and abrasive slides. Our shirts also prevent chafing and skin irritations yet allow your skin to breathe and keep you dry and cool. For protection and support, turn to McDavid HEX padded shirts.

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