Protective Hex Shorts

HEX padded shorts & tights from McDavid implement technology that supports your athletic performance and protects your body. Closed-cell foam padding and compression technology offer superior protection, precise coverage and maximum support for your body. These features help to stabilize your muscles and reduce fatigue and pulls. Our HEX padded shorts also include the all-important cup pocket.

In addition to protection, each is designed to withstand all your hard work. Practice and play every day in comfort with lightweight construction, including flexible material, breathable fabric and reinforced seams that bend with you. Wash, dry and wear your padded shorts or tights daily, too, because they keep their shape.

Play with confidence when you wear McDavid HEX padded shorts & tights. Approved for all levels of play in contact and collision sports, this athletic gear can minimize your injuries without inhibiting your movements, making it an essential tool for your athletic success.

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