HEX® Protective Gear

Your athletic wear contributes to your success, which is why you need HEX® gear from McDavid. The state-of-the-art protective gear helps to improve your performance as it supports your body, muscles and movement. Choose HEX pads, padded leg and arm sleeves, and padded shirts, shorts, tights, and supports as you enhance your game.

Flexible, tough, and durable, HEX clothing stands up to all your hard work. The fabric breathes with your body, keeping you dry during any workout. Reinforced seams remain strong as you bend, move and run during practice and games. Each lightweight, padded item is designed for comfort, too, as it hugs your body. Also, HEX gear keeps its shape during repeated washings.

Wear HEX protective clothing with confidence, knowing it offers stability, security and comfort. Play with confidence thanks to your McDavid HEX pads and padded gear.

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