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You’re the type of athlete who works hard to improve your performance. Shop by product type to choose the right McDavid compression and recovery wear or HEX padded gear, and gain superior support for practices, games and everyday wear.

Compression and recovery wear is designed to support your muscles and reduce the time it takes for your body to return to normal after a workout or game. Based on your needs, you can select an adjustable and durable arm, leg or calf sleeve, compression socks, shorts and shirts, or cold compression options. HEX padded gear protects your body and can help to prevent painful and inconvenient injuries. Select durable, lightweight and flexible HEX padded leg and arm sleeves, shorts, shirts, tights, and supports or pads for comfortable protection.

When you shop by product type at McDavid, you discover the gear that supports your athletic success. Our gear stands ready to get and keep you in the game every day.

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