Ice Therapy for Training

Athletes and trainers know that applying ice properly after a workout or game provides relief and speeds recovery. That’s why we offer a selection of innovative and supportive McDavid training ice therapy products.

Available for your ankles, knees, legs, wrists, elbows, shoulders, back, and ribs, our training ice delivers cooling therapy and compression to sore, stiff, swollen, strained, or overused areas. Each product contours to your body where it can help to relieve common sprain pain, reduce swelling and enhance recovery. Durable straps offer a customized fit so you can adjust the compression based on your needs and preferences.

Our training ice therapy products support your athletic performance. True Ice™ features easy-fill technology, giving you a convenient way to apply real ice, and they’re easy to pull on, take off and wear as needed. After your next workout or game, use McDavid training ice therapy and stay in the game.

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