Baseball Compression Arm Sleeves

Baseball compression arm sleeves offer benefits for athletes of all ages, positions, and level of competitive play. At McDavid, we know it’s important for baseball players to keep arm muscles warm and at peak performance, whether you’re on the mound pitching or making the throw from center to second to stop that winning run from advancing.

It’s more than how the arm sleeve looks, although our compression arm sleeves always look good and come in several colors. The sleeves are designed to improve blood circulation, prevent swelling, maintain body temperature, and even provide a level of protection from abrasions and turf burn. Baseball compression arm sleeves from McDavid utilize state-of-the-art material with moisture management to help keep you cool and dry even on the hottest day. Our sleeves also offer 50+ UV protection.

McDavid baseball compression arm sleeves can help speed up recovery after strains, getting you back into the game you love to play.

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