Basketball Ankle Braces

Basketball ankle braces help to provide support, prevent injury, and aid in the recovery following an injury or the onset of a condition that affects a player’s ability to perform. Rolled ankles, twists, and other injuries happen to players to hit the courts hard every day. At McDavid, we know you don’t want any type of ankle pain or injury to sideline your game.

Our ankle braces range from Level 1 protection, ideal for compression to Level 3 that helps provide maximum pain relief, support, and protection when dealing with common sprains. The McDavid basketball ankle brace with straps provides Level 3 protection and has a design to simulate a figure-6 athletic tape strapping pattern, while the ankle support with figure-8 straps is a Level 2 item.

Athletes appreciate the quality McDavid basketball ankle braces offer, including braces that adjust without having to unlace or remove a shoe. From padded lining to reinforced closures, the McDavid ankle braces combine comfort, support, and protection.

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