Basketball Briefs/Boxers

Like the elbow sleeves and knee pads you wear, basketball briefs/boxers offer essential protection, but they also have to be comfortable and allow you to move freely. At McDavid, we understand your athletic needs and provide several styles of briefs, boxers and boxer briefs that support your athletic performance and give you confidence as you practice and play.

Performance boxers stabilize your muscles and stretch with you as you move. Along with regular briefs, they feature a mesh pocket and moisture management technology that's designed to keep you cool and dry. Choose briefs or boxers with or without a protective FlexCup depending on your preferences.

Made with a polyester, cotton and spandex blend, our briefs and boxers support your body and encourage mobility on the court. Select McDavid basketball briefs/boxers before your next practice or game, and feel the difference our gear makes in your athletic performance.

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