Basketball Compression Tights

Energize, support and protect your legs as you jump, guard and shoot thanks to McDavid basketball compression tights. Basketball compression tights are designed to keep large muscles, including glutes, thighs, and calves, warm as you workout, play and recover. They also improve your circulation, giving you access to power when you need it. Because they hug your body, compression tights help to protect your legs from abrasions during skids, too.

We know you need mobility and comfort as you play, so our basketball compression tights feature durable construction and an anatomical design that ensure your compression tights stay in place while providing the relaxed fit you need. Moisture management technology keeps you dry and cool.

Wear McDavid basketball compression tights to help improve your body awareness, mobility, and confidence during workouts, games, and recovery. They’re designed to support your athletic performance on and off the court.

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