Basketball Pads

Athletes want to give it their all when they hit the court without fear of getting injured. McDavid creates a full line of basketball pads that proactively protect players when they are on the court against injuries that occur due to body-to-body and body-to-court contact.

Lined with lightweight, flexible, high density foam, these HEX® basketball pads provide an extra layer of cushioning that protects the body while still allowing you to quickly and effortlessly move around the court. Athletes can choose which parts of the body they protect by selecting the appropriate product from our line of basketball pads. We offer products that provide extra cushioning to the knees, legs, thighs, ribs, chest, elbows and arms.

Our pads serve as a first line of defense against cuts, scrapes, and bruises that can occur when you play the highly competitive game of basketball. Try our basketball pads during your next game and see for yourself what type of protection we provide.

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