Basketball Padded Knee Pads

Basketball is such a physically demanding sport with all the running, jumping, sudden pivots, and twists and turns it requires. This puts major stress on the body, especially the knees. Athletes are always on the lookout for ways to continue playing such a demanding sport without experiencing wearing down their knees. McDavid Basketball Knee Pads provide athletes with a solution to this very problem.

Our knee pads don't look anything like a traditional knee pad. They aren't bulky, clunky, or uncomfortable. Made out of high-quality, durable and flexible material, our knee pads have a snug, comfortable fit that allows them to stay in position during gameplay. The flexibility of the material prevents our basketball knee pads from hindering your movements on the court.

Athletes trust our knee pads to protect them from floor burns, collisions with other players, and sudden falls to the floor. After a fall or collision, our products are designed to provide constant compression to the knee which will dull any pain, reduce swelling, and help with injury prevention. Browse our selection of basketball knee pads and find the perfect pair that will help to protect you each and every time you take to the court.

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