Basketball Gear

Basketball is one of the most dynamic sports you can play. Whether you’re chasing down your opponent to stop a fastbreak play, or you’re hustling down the court for an open shot - you’re demanding a lot from your body. We understand the rigorous demands of a full-court basketball game— running, out-dribbling, leaping and defending, to name a few. With these demands in mind, we crafted all of our products to best suit intense athletes.

Due to basketball’s required lateral and dynamic motion, we have developed products that aim to protect and support joints often injured while in motion—the knees, ankles and shoulders. We also offer protective compression gear, whether through our Elite HEX® Shooter Sleeves or TEFLX™ knee pads, helping to improve circulation and protect important joints against abrasions and bruising. We know that your performance shouldn’t be affected on the court, and that’s why we’ve created these products.

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